About Us

At Point Blank, we are here to remove your unwanted tattoos or fade them so that you can get the cover up tattoo you always wanted. Our goal is to provide you with safe and effective laser tattoo removal treatments, with medical grade lasers and a fully qualified technician that understands your tattoo needs.

We specialize in laser tattoo removal and fading by only treating tattoos! We are located inside Studio 4 Tattoo Parlour  and work alongside a team of highly skilled artists. Working with tattoo artists gives us the advantage of seeing a variety of tattoos on a daily basis. Our laser technician and even some of our artists have gone through laser tattoo removal treatments and understand the process and what to expect.

Whether it be lightening your tattoo to help your artist achieve the perfect cover up tattoo, or full removal, we will be  with you every step of the way to guide you through the process and give you the best possible results.

How laser tattoo removal works

Laser treatment room. Point Blank Tattoo Removal. Laser tattoo removal St. Catharines Niagara

Laser tattoo removal is rapidly growing and with Q-switched laser technology it is the safest and most effective way to  fade your ink without scarring. We use the medical grade Revlite Si  Q-switched Nd: YAG laser  which has been named the GOLD  standard for laser tattoo removal. The laser emits pulses of selected light wavelengths that are directed at the tattoo ink. The laser zaps the ink particles and breaks them into tiny pieces which are then removed from the skin and digested by your immune system.

Your health and your immune system  are the key ingredients in the effectiveness of the tattoo removal. Once the laser breaks up the ink your body will do the rest by digesting the ink particles as your skin heals. Generally speaking, the healthier you are, the better the results!  Drinking plenty of water, staying fit and refraining  from smoking will help your tattoo fade as fast as possible.