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Small $90/ treatment

Small tattoo pricing. Point Blank Tattoo Removal

Tattoos up to 1 inch

Medium $150/ treatment

Medium tattoo pricing. Point Blank Tattoo Removal

Tattoos 1 to 5 inches

Large $200/ treatment

Large tattoo removal. Point Blank Tattoo Removal

Tattoos 5 inches and up, or multiple tattoos

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How many treatments will I need to remove my tattoo?
Most  tattoos take between 6-12 treatments to remove. The amount of  treatments required will depend on factors such as the age of the  tattoo, the type of ink used, ink depth and density, how your body  responds to the treatments and proper aftercare.

What if I want a cover up?
On  average, 2 to 5 treatments are needed to lighten a tattoo enough before  it can be covered. Having your tattoo faded gives your artist more  freedom for placement and opens up options for brighter colours.

My tattoo is very small. How much will it cost?
Tattoos 1 inch or less in size will be treated at our minimum of $90 per treatment. 

I have a massive back piece or a full sleeve I want treated. How much will that cost?
There  is a maximum density of ink that can be treated at one time safely.  Tattoos with high densities of ink will need to be broken up into  separate treatments. A treatment plan will be discussed at your  consultation. 

I have multiple tattoos I want removed. Is that the same price?
We treat multiple tattoos for our large treatment price of $200 per treatment.

I only want part of my tattoo removed. Is that possible?
Yes, that is possible and quite common. We will base pricing on the size of the area you want removed/faded.

My tattoo has multiple colours, does that cost more to remove?
No,  we do not charge by the number of colours you have in your tattoo  however some colours will take more treatments to remove or fade.