Common questions about laser tattoo removal

 How does laser tattoo removal work?
The Q-switched Nd Yag laser targets the tattoo ink below the skins surface  and emits very short pulses of high intensity light to fragment the ink.  As we pass over the tattoo with the laser a layer of ink is shattered into tiny particles. The ink is dissolved and then removed by your body's immune system during the healing period. After 6 to 8 weeks the  skin heals and we pass over the tattoo again, shattering another layer of ink.

Why can't you pass over my tattoo multiple times in a treatment?
We  do not do multi- pass treatments (also known as the R20 protocol) for  one simple reason. It's too dangerous!  R20 is an outdated protocol that  involves passing over the tattoo multiple times in one treatment, with  only 20 minutes between each pass. This does not remove the tattoo  faster!  Instead, it causes too much heat damage to the skin, resulting  in improper healing causing long term tissue damage and permanent  scarring. Beware of clinics claiming they can remove your tattoo faster  with multi-pass treatments!

Our laser technician is  certified with the most up to date protocols for tattoo removal and  fading. Our goal is to remove your tattoo safely and effectively without  causing permanent skin damage.

Does it hurt?
Tattoo  removal will hurt more than getting the ink put on, but the actual  treatment will take a fraction of the time it took to get the tattoo.  Usually treatments take no more than 10 minutes.  Once the treatment is  finished the pain should subside in about 2 minutes.
How much does it cost?
Pay  as you go, or prepay for a discount. Prices start at $90 per treatment  and go up from there depending on size and number of tattoos you would  like treated. Check out the PRICE page.

What do you use for pain?
Before  your treatment you will receive and ice pack to help numb the area.  During your treatment we use a Cryo Zimmer, which is essentially an air  conditioner that cools your skin during the laser treatment.

How many treatments does it take?
Removing  a tattoo is a process that requires a series of treatments scheduled 8  to 10 weeks apart depending on the persons ability to heal. The age,  location and quality of the tattoo and colours used combined with your  bodies ability to dispose of the ink will determine the total number of  treatments needed. For complete tattoo removal a minimum of 10  is  recommended, for tattoos that will be covered up a minimum of 5 is  recommended. Homemade tattoos can be removed in as little as 4  treatments.

Will my tattoo be completely removed?
In  most cases tattoos are completely removed. The depth, density and  colours are the biggest determining factors in full removal. Each  treatment fragments an additional layer of ink. As you progress into  your treatments more and more ink will be digested.

Will I have a scar?
In  order to remove a tattoo without scarring a Q-switched laser must be  used. Q-switched means that the laser is pulsed so quickly that it  dissolves the ink without destroying the live tissue in the process.  Redness, swelling, blistering and scabbing may occur following the  treatment but with proper aftercare it will heal and not cause scarring.

How can I get my tattoo to fade faster?
Your  overall general health plays a big factor in your tattoo removal  success. We strongly recommend your refrain from smoking, high alcohol  and coffee consumption because these affect the bodies circulation,  immune system and ability to remove the ink efficiently. Drinking lots  of water, staying fit, eating healthy and supplementing with B12  vitamins will all aid your body in the healing process.

What if I only want to lighten my tattoo to get it covered?
Choosing  to have your tattoo lightened prior to a cover up will result in a much  better quality cover up tattoo. Black ink is typically the hardest to  cover and luckily the easiest to remove. Fading the black will allow  your artist the freedom to use brighter colours in your final tattoo.   We will work with your tattoo artists to achieve the best cover up  possible.

Can I have only part of my tattoo removed?
Yes.  Often times there is just a portion of a tattoo that you want removed  and / or covered, and we can target just those portions of your tattoo.

Is the laser treatment safe?
Q-switched  laser tattoo removal is the safest and most effective method of tattoo  removal. Our technician is fully insured and certified with the latest  laser tattoo removal standards and safety certification.

What should I do before my treatment?
Before  your laser tattoo removal treatment make sure you wash and clean the  skin , shave and avoid using any lotions or ointments and stay out of  the sun!

What is involved in aftercare?
Aftercare  is extremely important for proper healing and ink digestion. You will  receive complete aftercare instructions and a take home care sheet   following your treatment.